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Amber Turner confronts ex Dan Edgar about him staying the night with Ella Rae Wise in Towie first look

AMBER Turner will confront her ex Dan Edgar in the new Towie episode – after he stays the night with Ella Rae Wise in his hotel room.

In a first look, the blonde bombshell talks to Dan about his kiss with Ella, telling her friends: “So I saw Dan and we actually spoke.”

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Dan Edgar and Ella Rae Wise enjoyed a fling in Bali[/caption]


Amber Turner confronts her ex about his new romance[/caption]

In a shock twist, Amber gives him her blessing.

Amber is seen telling Dan: “So obviously I’ve heard about Ella and the kiss. I couldn’t care less.”

Dan then tells his friends: “It’s nothing to do with Amber.”

Dan and Ella had earlier laughed off fury over their new relationship after hooking up in Bali.

Elsewhere in Sunday night’s episode, Harry breaks his silence and confesses to Ella that he spilt the tea to girlband about her and Dan kissing.

The news doesn’t go down well with Dani and Saff, who back Ella on how she should have been the one to tell Amber.

Feeling torn between the two sides, Harry tells the girlband how Dani and Saffs reaction to his honesty left him feeling hurt and shunned out.

Meanwhile Elma feels better after having cleared the air with Diags, but tells Courtney she doesn’t think their friendship could get back on track with it being based around ‘flanter’, especially with Diags now dating Jodie. The girls also admit that the news of Ella and Dan growing closer leaves a sour taste in their mouth.

After a night out with just him and Roman, a smitten Diags tells the boys he’s flying Jodie out to join him, but Courtney and Chloe are concerned her arrival might make Elma feel uncomfortable with bridges still burnt between them.

Dani and Saff are worried about Harry’s recent snappy behaviour and after a conversation Ella had with Joe they wonder if it’s to do with their relationship but when confronted about it he’s left confused and defensive.

A call home reminds Harry he shouldn’t want to jeopardise his friendship with Ella. Wanting to get to the bottom of it Harry addresses the gossip about their relationship with Joe but things turn hostile when he reveals he has been speaking to Ella about their relationship, leaving the future uncertain for them.

  • Towie airs Sundays at 9pm, on ITVBe & ITVX

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