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Blow to Simon Cowell’s bid for quiet life in the country as his £8million mansion home suffers pest infestation

SIMON Cowell has put up with a few digs in his time — but now his garden has become riddled with molehills.

The furry invaders have caused heaps of trouble in the grounds of his Cotswolds mega-mansion.


Simon Cowell’s escape to the country hasn’t gone as planned[/caption]


Simon’s £8million mansion has been infested with moles[/caption]

A source said: “There are holes everywhere — it’s like Swiss cheese.”

Musical mogul Si, 64, and family moved to the £8million pile last year.

All looked well on the fabulous hill-top estate until last month when his gardener noticed hundreds of molehills popping up across the vast eight-acre gardens thanks to the tunnelling little terrors.

The source added: “It was fine when they moved in.

“Now the gardens are riddled with molehills.

“They started off on the sunny hillside quite a distance from the house.

“But the moles seem to be getting braver and quite a few have popped up by the living room window, pool, and patio.

“It’s like they’re taking over.”

Records show mega-rich Cowell, the boss of shows like The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, secretly exchanged on the Cotswolds house on Christmas Eve 2021.

Since then he has shelled out tens of thousands of pounds to extensively refurbish the property.

The home was once four different properties before being fused together to make a mega-mansion.

As well as five bedrooms, the property boasts an outdoor swimming pool.

Despite spending £500,000 on security, Simon was subject to repeat intrusions while living at the home.

Last year, it was alleged that a criminal gang had even sold the exact lock to his front door.

In 2015, thieves broke into the property in the early hours of the morning and stole jewellery worth up to £1 million and two passports from an open safe.

At the time, Simon and Lauren as well as their son Eric, who was a baby at the time, were asleep in their beds.

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