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Gladiators viewers demand major shake-up as eagerly-awaited final hits screens after delay

GLADIATORS fans have demanded a major shake-up as the awaited final hits screens.

Viewers tuned into the BBC in droves to watch the conclusdion of the rebooted physical challenge show.


Bradley and Barney Walsh welcomed viewers to the final of Gladiators[/caption]

The eagerly await show finally hit TV screens after a delay due to other sports coverage

But viewers soon complained in their droves about The Gauntlet event online[/caption]

Bradley Walsh and his son Barney welcomed fans into the last edition of the first series of the new edition of Gladiators.

As was the case with all the heats, the first challenge for the competitors was The Gauntlet.

The game featured a long strip which the competitors had to run down within the confines of a time countdown.

It is split into four zones, with each section guarded by one opf the fierce gladiators.

However, fans took to X – formerly known as Twitter in their droves as they slammed the challenge of the show calling it ‘easy’.

One viewer fumed: “Get new presenters and get rid of Gauntlet. Thats all series 2 needs #Gladiators.”

A second noted: “It’s cute that they’re still presenting the Gauntlet as a challenge when I’m almost 100% certain that every single contender, bar one, has gotten the full 10 points on it this series 😂.”

“#Gladiators need to drop gauntlet for the next season. Points just for showing up,” noted a third.

As a fourth fan claimed: “Gauntlet remains a non event in its current state. Everyone gets 10 points #Gladiators.”

“#Gladiators GET RID OF GAUNTLET NEXT YEAR or just make it suck less,” raged a fifth user.

And a sixth added: “#Gladiators Oh, so we’re starting off with the easy challenge? This will be a breeze.”

Other viewers also noted that the original eighties and nineties series also had a variety of challenges, which was seemingly unlike the reboot.

One viewer noted: “I’m positive the original #Gladiators didn’t have the same games every episode. I’m sure there was more of a variety.”

This was after the second semi-final was previously removed from the TV schedules on March 16.

This was done to make way for the coverage of the FA Cup, something that also impacted a number of shows across the last few weeks.

In the final Electro, Athena, Fire, and Diamond were the four gladiators to compete in the last Gauntlet of the series.

Diamond was caught out after she purposely held back red team competitor Marie-Louise in a way that was against the rules.

She threw her helmet up in a range after she was reprimanded by referee Mark Clattenberg who halted the show.

The four events that have been shown in the BBC version of the hit gameshow include The Gauntlet, The Wall, Powerball, and Duel.

However, there have been new elements added to the show which included Collision, The Ring and The Edge, before the famous Eliminator obstacle course.

Some fans have called for The Gauntlet to be axed from the show if it comes back to the airwaves for a second series

The first event featured a strip that was split into four zones, each one fiercely guarded by a Gladiator[/caption]

Diamond was reprimanded by the referee after she appeared to break the rules
She threw her helmet in a rage after Marie-Louise was given time to complete the challenge

Meet the Gladiators finalists

The Gladiators final takes place on Easter Saturday at 5.30pm on BBC One.

After ten gruelling weeks facing the superhuman Gladiators, four contenders have made it through to the grand final.

The Gladiators 2024 finalists are:

Finlay AndersonArmy officer Finlay, 34, from Edinburgh has made it to the final despite being injured in the quarter-final.

Wesley Male – Even though he joined in the quarter-final stage, part-time Leeds wrestler Wesley, 35, has proved a force to be reckoned with on the Gladiators gauntlet.

Bronte Jones – This 23-year-old firefighter from Sheffield is the youngest contender in the final.

Marie-Louise Nicholson – Hailing from Dublin, Marie-Louise, 28, is a fitness coach who has scored maximum points five times on Gladiators.

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