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Hairdresser shares how to knock 10 years off your face with three changes at the salon… it’s not about covering wrinkles

A HAIR expert has revealed the three changes to make to your hair that will take ten years off your face.

The hairdresser revealed exactly what hairstyles older women should go for as the texture of their hair changes that will stop you from looking older.


Three hair styles can take years off your face and make you look younger[/caption]

Sally Brooks, creative director at Brooks and Brooks, revealed hair also shows signs of ageing, not just wrinkles on the skin.

Ms Brooks told the Express that: “Keeping your hair easy to maintain, maximising shine and health, and wearing simple modern styles are some of the best anti-ageing tips for hair.”

“Steering clear of ‘mumsy’ ageing looks and colours, and wearing hair that makes us feel good is key.

“Embracing the grey by adding darker dimension and contouring keeps the grey looking modern and relevant.”

But that’s not all, Stylist & Advanced Technician at Brooks and Brooks, Kara Sanderson says there are three styles that can instantly knock years off your face.

Long Bangs

A go-to hairstyle Kara recommends for older women is long bangs, while this won’t hide your forehead wrinkles like a regular fringe it will add volume and bounce to give the appearance of a younger face.

She added that as you get older you lose pigment in the face as well as your hair so it’s important to make sure they compliment each other.

“It’s important to remember that as we age, we not only lose colour pigment in our hair but also in our skin, so it’s key to compliment the skin with your colour,” she added.

Mid-length layers

The hair expert says mid-length layers create a soft and feminine shape enhancing the curl and framing the face more.

Mid-length layers can also help colours blend better so it’s perfect if you have greys coming through.

Short cuts

From short pixie cuts to blunt bobs- a short cut can help define your facial features.

Sanderson said: “Variety is the spice of life and changing it up keeps us young and interesting.”

If you aren’t a fan of short cuts – she recommends investing in hair products that will keep it looking it’s best without a radical cut.

Tips for using rosemary oil for hair growth

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