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I blocked off my driveway from prying crooks & annoying neighbours with 5 min Screwfix DIY – it saved me £1,000s

A MOTORIST who became sick of prying crooks and annoying neighbours has installed his own set of bollards on his driveway.

After the theft of his old prized motorhome he had to take action, but wasn’t keen on the problem-solving quote he was sent to stop it from happening again.


The homeowner said he had to take action after his old motorhome was stolen in January, 2024[/caption]

Posting his victorious resolution on a site called MotorhomeFun, he explained that he’d wanted to “beef up” is home security after the recent theft.

Initially he copped a Growler alarm, and a Non Starter – which stops the motor being able to start – he still wanted to get a “visual deterrent” and opted for a set of retractable bollards.

But the price he was quoted – between £2,500 and £3,000 – seemed a little steep so he started researching ways to do it himself.

He said: “Following the theft off our drive of our motorhome in January, I thought I would share my experience of trying to beef up security for our newly arrived replacement.

“I didn’t want to put bollards across the drive entrance as I knew that we would soon forget or not bother to put them in place every night, and the aim was specifically to protect my new motorhome.

“I was shocked to receive quotes of £2500 and £3000 for three retractable bollards supplied and fitted.

“I explained we live close to the beach and our house sits on sand – only about a foot below the soil you hit sand so easy to excavate – but no budging on the price.”

Refusing to part with thousands of pounds, he looked at what the company was offering him and found the same items for just over £90 each online. 

He then bought a “brilliant hole digger” from Screwfix for £34, which allowed him to dig a metre-deep hole to fit the bollards in.

He said: “I was a bit sceptical but needing about a 1 metre depth, after only 5 minutes I had gone down 1.5metres and had to fill it in.

“Some postcrete and chippings later, I soon had the Bollards in place, then I raised the two at the rear slightly as the drive slopes and I wanted to be sure they were high enough.

“Probably not necessary, but it was best to be sure.”

All together he spent £300 on three bollards, a hole digger and filling materials, saving a tidy £2,700 to keep his new motorhome safe and stop anyone else on the street nicking the space.

He said: “Hope this helps anybody looking at installing bollards – I am usually a DIY Disaster so if I can do it, anyone can.”

Installing your own bollards is a recommended method from the RAC to stop people parking on a homeowners drive.

On its site, it said: “There are steps you can take to deter people from parking on your drive, such as putting up a fence, gate or bollards.

“This might be especially helpful if you live near a hospital, for example, where parking is notoriously difficult – and expensive.”

This comes after a homeowner came up with a dirt cheap ingenious way to stop their neighbour parking on their side of the drive.

Elsewhere, this chap – who was fed up with a neighbour who continually parked in front of his home – has solved the problem after he “cracked the code.”


Installing your own bollards is completely legal – but can be quite pricey if installed by a company[/caption]

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