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I DIYed a glitzy display case for my vanity using Dollar Tree buys – people say it looks ‘expensive’ and ‘so elegant’

A CRAFT-LOVING DIY fan has created a glitzy display case for her vanity.

The finished look is ultra-glamorous but many of the ingredients for this project came from Dollar Tree.

TikTok user Kendra created a glitzy display case

The completed look was uber-glamorous[/caption]

It looks high-end but this little item of loveliness will not break the bank.

Commenters said it looked “expensive,” and “so elegant.”

Kendra Nicole’s (@my_home_by_kendra) video has gone viral.

Over 89,000 fans have clicked on to see her DIY display tower.

She made it look so easy in her post.

It inspired many viewers to rush to Dollar Tree and start their versions.


The basic constituents of this display item came from Dollar Tree and Amazon. These were:

The construction was simple and straightforward.


Two floating shelves acted as the base and the top of this cabinet.

Four boxes were fixed into position, resting on the bottom shelf, and the top shelf acting as the plinth.

The adhesive mirror tiles were positioned inside the boxes.

Then adhesive rhinestone strips added glitz around the edges of the boxes.

Budget interior design tips

Interior designer Judy Hoang shared her furniture tips with The U.S. Sun.

  • Thrift furniture and paint it to match your decor.
  • Test if an item is fit for its purpose before thrifting.
  • Shop at Target or HomeGoods for rugs, lamps, desks, and pillows.
  • Invest in classic timeless pieces.
  • Set up smart home lighting to save money.

Finally, battery-operated lights added even more twinkle-factor.

Commenters were suitably wowed by this idea and wanted to try and make their versions.

“Dang. I hurt my knee running to the $1.25 store. Love it sis,” said one person.

“I absolutely love it. It has just the right amount of glam too,” said another.

“Went to Dollar Tree and bought all the shelves I could find,” admitted one would-be DIY-er.

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