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‘I don’t want to value it’ reveals Antiques Roadshow expert as the issue stark warning to shocked guest

ANTIQUES Roadshow viewers witnessed a first on Sunday night when one expert declined to provide a valuation for an exceptionally “rare” item.

Expert Ronnie Archer-Morgan refused to value a disc of ivory while discussing the history of the item with a guest and he issued a stark warning.


The roadshow paid a final visit to Alexandra Gardens in Cardiff[/caption]


A guest is issued a stark warning[/caption]


Ronnie explained the history behind an ivory item[/caption]

He said: “I want to make it absolutely clear that myself and we in the Antiques Roadshow wholly, unequivocally disapprove of the trade in ivory.

“But this ivory bangle here, it’s not about trading in ivory, it’s about trading in human life.

“It’s probably one of the most difficult things that I’ve ever had to talk about, but talk about it we must.

“This is an amazing object and a testament to the callous trade that went on in the 17th, 18th, and 19th century.”

The guest explained: “I had no idea what it was, there was something about it and now I am researching it.

“It said traders and I thought it meant trading in coffee or spices and then I realised it was trading in people.”

Ronnie commented: “These objects are really rare. I know of the existence of about half a dozen of these only. It’s extraordinary.

“It is living proof in a way, the surviving proof that this awful trade went on.

“My great-grandmother was a returned slave from Nova Scotia in Canada and came back to Sierra Leone and I actually think it’s my cultural duty, our cultural duty to talk about things like this. I just don’t want to value it.

“I do not want to put a price on something that signifies such an awful business, but the value is in the lessons that this can tell people.

“The value is in researching this and what we can find out and I just love you for bringing it to the Roadshow and thank you so much for making me so sad.”

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