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I had zero clue about an ingenious organizing hack – I just needed $20 Walmart buys, you can fit more in a narrow space

A STORAGE expert has shared a trick that helped her organize more in a narrow space.

The affordable $20 Walmart buy took center stage as the star of her storage show.


Maureen shared an organization hack she picked up from a YouTube tutorial[/caption]

Maureen (@maureenburas) shared the organizing hack in a viral TikTok video.

She had purchased a pair of $20 Sterilite three-tiered clear drawers to clear away some clutter.

A YouTube tutorial she stumbled across taught her that she could take her organization game a step further.

“I saw a YouTube video where you can just literally pop the top off, the bottom part connects so you can stack as many as you want,” she explained.

She removed the lid on one of her drawers and lifted it on top of the second, snapping it quickly into place.

Viewers who’d tried the trick for themselves said they had no regrets about the purchase.

“This is what everyone in my house has as dressers,” said one commenter.

The viewer, a mom to six children, explained that she relied on the drawers for her storage needs and easy moving.

“Nobody’s gonna die if it falls on them and easy to move lol.”

“I have 6 kids and me and hubs. Imagine carrying all those dressers if you move,” she joked.

More moms attested to the drawer’s durability and strength.

“I had no idea people didn’t know this. I’ve used them like this in my kid’s closets since they were born. Kid is almost 21 now,” said one.

“I love this for towels and blankets! Definitely great for tees and undergarments as well,” said another.

“I double-stacked mine to create a dresser. it’s pretty loaded and still going,” said a third.


The tutorial taught her how to make the most out of her $20 Walmart storage units[/caption]

The drawers even contained a “stop feature” that prevents drawers from being removed accidentally.

For ease of use and portability, the drawers come with wheels that make moving easy.

One commenter offered up some safety advice that prevented the drawers from collapsing.

“Heavy stuff in the bottom, go lighter as you go up,” she explained.

“Won’t bow or sag AND won’t be top heavy and tip over.”

Others echoed the sentiment.

“Just don’t overload or get too heavy!” offered another.


She stacked them on top of each other to make the most out of narrow spaces[/caption]

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