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I once had 5 dogs with long hair – my tips keep my house clean, you won’t have to worry about ‘tumbleweeds’ building up

AN animal lover has shared their tricks to maintain a dog hair-free home that ranges in price.

They once had five cuddly canines running around their house at once, so they know the cleaning hacks to keep the “tumbleweeds” at bay.


Reddit user butterlypup once had five dogs so they shared tips to keep a house clean[/caption]

Reddit user CapaciousHandbag ran to the social media site to get advice on how to keep an “immaculate house with five pets.”

They asked and Reddit user butterflypup answered in the post.

They could relate because, at one point in time, they owned five dogs at once that had long hair and were double-coated.

Now, they only have three but still utilize the same methods as back then.

The pet owner admitted that their house is not immaculate but a robot vacuum was a game changer.

“It really makes a difference,” they wrote.

They invested in the Roomba J7+, $800, which was no small cost but had a slew of benefits.

It’s a self-emptying robot vacuum that docks itself.

The Reddit user sets it on a schedule to go every day at the same time.

“The only thing I really have to do is check the wheels for long fur that wraps around them and clean that out regularly, but it beats vacuuming myself every day,” they added.

If robot vacuums are out of your budget, they also offered additional affordable ways to get rid of pet hair and maintain a clean home.

They suggested buying an air purifier which is proven to be effective at filtering pet hair, odors, and smaller particles such as pet dander.

The Reddit user also recommended having reusable and “readily available lint brushes” and advised against the tape kind.

Washable furniture covers were also a suggested item to purchase to help keep your property tidy and animal-friendly.

There are many different brands and styles available on Amazon.

The Hyha Waterproof Couch Cushion Cover costs $9.99 on the shopping website.

Although these seem like a given, they recommended good old-fashioned paper towels and disinfectant wipes.

“As much as I hate the waste and expense, reusable towels collect too much hair and can be difficult to clean,” they explained.

They admitted that their methods aren’t foolproof and there is still “noticeable fluff in the air.”

The amount of hair and dust they have to vacuum off the purifier vents and filter lets them know that their tricks are at least getting some of it.

There’s still hair to contend with, but they said the “tumbleweeds” no longer build up in between regular vacuuming.


They use a robot vacuum but suggested reusable lint brushes and furniture covers[/caption]

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