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I showed my hairstylist a photo of what I wanted – my cut was such a fail, people say they’d cry & I should get a lawyer

A WOMAN who went years without a haircut just went through a massive follicle failure, after a hairstylist butchered her hair.

She showed her photo of the hair she wanted, but the result was so shocking people suggested getting a lawyer.

Elisabetta showed her hairstylist a photo of what she wanted but it wasn’t even close
TikTok/ lifewithelish

Elisabetta (@lifewithelish) is just a girl out here doing girly things, according to her TikTok bio.

Sometimes those “girly things” are just a little self-care with a trip to the hair salon.

She hadn’t gotten a haircut since 2020, so she decided to get it over with.

Unfortunately, she encountered a haircut horror that she revealed in a TikTok video.

It was a solid reminder of why she opted not to do it for so long and she warned others to wait and do the same.

“Please don’t cut your hair!” she wrote in the caption.

At the start of the video, she showed viewers what her hair looked like before she got the big chop.

It fell to her chest in loose waves and was covered in many blonde highlights.

Next, the visual changed to show a stock image of a girl with a middle part and short dark brown hair that stopped a few inches above her shoulders.

Elisabetta had a subtitle over it that simply read, “What I asked for.”

It must have been too much because the photo that followed was of what she got and it wasn’t even close.

The haircut was uneven with jagged layers and a faded blonde color.

The top half looked longer than the bottom half in some parts and resembled a style popular in the 90s and early 2000s.

Others agreed and even referred to Heather Matarazzo’s character in the Disney movie The Princess Diaries.

“What’s Mia Thermopolis’ best friend’s name? I would cry,” one commented.

Another stylist was confused about how different the final look was from the inspiration she showed her and simply asked, “How?”

“The stylist said he thought he was doing me a favor by making it ‘more manageable at home,” Elisabetta replied.

Viewers felt for her and offered supportive words and honest feedback in the comments.

“I would have gotten arrested,” another said.

“That’s a hate crime! Hope you didn’t pay!” a woman inquired.

“OMG, I DID NOT EXPECT THAT. Get a lawyer.” a TikTok user advised.

Her cut was such a fail and people said they’d cry and she should get a lawyer
TikTok/ lifewithelish

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