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I visited UK’s ‘poshest’ McDonald’s near King’s ‘model village’ – it looks like a gastropub but it’s missing key feature

SURROUNDED by rolling fields and farmland, you’d be forgiven for thinking the whitewashed brick and stone building stood alone on a hill in rural Dorset was an upmarket gastropub.

But look a little closer and the small golden arches on the ‘pub sign’ give away you’ve actually pulled up at a branch of McDonald’s.


With beautiful surroundings, you could easily confuse this McDonald’s restaurant for an upmarket gastropub[/caption]


One thing missing from the ‘posh’ McDonald’s is a drive-thru[/caption]


The Sun’s Ben Endley visited the ‘posh’ fast food chain in Dorset[/caption]

The restaurant, located on Bridport Road near the A35 Monkey’s Jump roundabout, feeds tens of thousands of hungry motorists every day.

It’s nestled just yards away from the Duchy of Cornwall’s Poundbury estate, which King Charles had a hand in designing, and has gained a cult following on TikTok.

Fast food fans travel hundreds of miles for a Big Mac in what some have dubbed ‘Britain’s poshest McDonald’s‘.

One of the first things you notice is the car park is packed to bursting – and there’s no Drive-thru, which means many motorists eat their meals behind the wheel. 

Despite being considered the “poshest” McDonald’s around, we were surprised by how unremarkable it was inside the Dorset venue.

The venue was clean, tidy and bustling with activity. If you’ve ever been to any McDonald’s you’ll feel right at home here.

Sadly, that means a complete lack of any original features or references to the building’s history.

Far from being greeted by a maître d’ and shown the wine list, a row of computer screens greets you at the entrance and families on their Easter holidays hastily bustle to and fro. 

One thing that is different about this McDonald’s is many of the farmers cultivating the fields surrounding the restaurant are its suppliers.

This means what you see growing through the window eventually ends up in your meal, although only after going through their massive industrialised supply chain first.

Behind the counter, friendly and smiling staff are moving like clockwork to prepare orders.

A Quarter Pounder with Cheese with fries and a drink came out at £6.49 – a bargain compared to the £15 or more that many pubs and restaurants now charge for a burger.

And for those on a tight budget, McDonald’s offers a saver menu with items starting from as little as £1.19.

Within minutes the food had arrived warm and quickly.

McDonald’s says it has changed the cooking process lately to improve the taste and juiciness, but it must have been a subtle change as it tasted exactly the same as it always does. 

Customers were surprised to hear the restaurant described as ‘posh’ or ‘quirky’, with many just appreciating the fast and convenient meal.


The restaurant, nestled among fields, looks nothing like a McDonald’s from the outside[/caption]


Happy customers Denise Howells with grandchildren, Corey, 10, Luca, 8, and Hugo, 5[/caption]


Ben was surprised by how ‘unremarkable’ the restaurant was[/caption]

Amy Jenrick from Portsmouth said the restaurant was a regular stop for her and sons Rudi Tiddiman, eight, and Milo, four, on the way to visit family in Cornwall.

She said: “That’s blown my mind, the poshest McDonald’s? I didn’t know that. Maybe posh areas don’t have McDonald’s. 

“This is our little pit stop on the way to Cornwall. It’s good for the kids, they are happy, we can always sit here, there is a nice turnover of people and the staff are lovely.

“The food has been lovely, the food is easy and quick.”

Rudi added: “I just like the chips – we look forward to stopping here.”

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Despite its pub-like appearance, the building used to be a cafe named the Monkey’s Jump – a name still used by the neighbouring roundabout – and was taken over by the fast food chain more than 20 years ago. 

Denise Howells, 60, was treating her three grandchildren Cory, 10, Luca, eight, and Hugo, five, to a Happy Meal before they headed to the cinema.

Denise said: “We visit this one or Weymouth – we’re going to the pictures and this one is nice and easy.

“They like McDonald’s, they like chicken nuggets. We use this one because it’s on the way to Dorchester really. The food is the same as every other McDonald’s.”

Cory said: “This one doesn’t have a Drive-thru, that’s a bit bad.”

Between bites of his Happy Meal, Luca proclaimed the food was “excellent”.

Sandra Smith, 58, from Lyme Regis, said: “I’m surprised to hear it’s got a cult following online. It’s always clean, but there’s not much difference.

“McDonald’s has my favourite burger, I always go for the McChicken Sandwich.”


Sandra Smith was ‘surprised’ to hear the restaurant has a cult following[/caption]


Lush countryside surrounds the fast-food chain, and diners can eat outside[/caption]


It’s just a stone’s throw from Poundbury estate, which King Charles helped to design[/caption]

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