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I worked on a cruise ship and there’s a test every worker has to do before sailing – it makes sense when you know why

CRUISE ship workers have revealed the test that every worker has to take before getting onboard. 

Whilst life out at sea can be an amazing way to see the world, crew members claim that life can sometimes feel like groundhog day. 


Common cruise ship positions include housekeeping, chefs, bartenders, entertainers, and deck officers[/caption]

And to keep boredom at bay, they’ve claimed that “everyone sleeps with everyone”. 

In a Reddit thread with over 4,400 comments, a number of previous and current cruise ship workers have weighed in on the stereotype that crew members are “at it like rabbits”. 

It seems the assumption might be pretty bang on, with one crew member simply penning that “everyone sleeps with everyone”. 

“Everybody sleeps with everybody… even if they have partners ashore,” another shared.

“My boss slept with my coworker a week before his girlfriend came aboard to stay with him for a week.

“And she never knew.”

“You sleep with everyone, regardless of what [job] they do onboard,” a third said. “This is the one aspect where rank doesn’t hold as much power.”

One retired cruise ship DJ crudely added that “the sex was awesome”. 

And with so much sexual activity onboard, it makes sense why cruise ship companies allegedly mandate crew members to take STI tests before being offered a job onboard. 

“I used to work for a company that did physicals for these workers,” one Reddit user revealed. 

“All of them got HIV and other STI blood tests prior to their offer being finalised.”

It’s common for cruise ship employers to require medical examinations, including tests for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), as part of the pre-employment screening process. 

It is done to ensure the health and safety of both employees and passengers onboard. 

Another Reddit user shared that the medical examinations are “somewhat intense” and have to be completed before you step foot on the ship.

There are numerous job opportunities available on cruise ships, catering to various skills and interests. 

Common positions include housekeeping, chefs, bartenders, entertainers, engineers, deck officers and medical professionals.

Cruise ship employees typically live and work in close quarters. 

Accommodation is provided onboard, with rooms typically shared by multiple crew members. 

The work environment can be fast-paced and intense, with long hours and little time off, especially during peak cruising seasons.

Cruise ships operate under strict regulations and policies to ensure the safety and well-being of passengers and crew. 

This includes adherence to maritime laws, safety protocols and company policies regarding conduct, professionalism and guest interaction.

Reddit users confirmed that crew members having sex or inappropriate relations with any guest is “strictly forbidden”.

One said that you’ll be forced to leave the ship the next day if you are found out for doing it.

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