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I’m a dermatologist and yes, a popular TikTok eyebrow hack makes them look thicker – use my tip to get a flawless finish

A SKINCARE expert has approved a viral eyebrow hack that makes them look thick and full.

He even approved of the trick so much that he offered an additional tip to pull it all together.

Dermatologist Dr. Shah approved a TikTok eyebrow hack that makes them look thicker
TikTok/ dermdoctor / heyyyvia

Dr. Shah (@dermdoctor) has seen popular beauty trends come and go on the internet, but few get his stamp of approval.

He talked about a viral eyebrow hack in a TikTok video that’s been making waves on the social media platform.

Many women have been using the Just for Men Mustache & Beard Dye, $10.97 on Amazon.

They’ve gushed about the benefits of using the product which gave them thicker-looking eyebrows after minutes.

In the video, the dermatologist dueted TikTok user Via (@heyyyvia) and shared important facts about the beauty buy.

Dr. Shah warned in a subtitle that the Just for Men item contains PPD, which is a common allergen to be mindful of.

“I personally don’t use hair dyes because I have sensitive skin! But it’s ok for most people,” he added in a comment under the video.

Via mixed two tubes in the box together to create a paste that she said smelled like mint.

Dr. Shah emphasized simultaneously that it’s important to use safe practices and patch test a small area first.

By the end of the video, he would reveal whether or not he thinks it works.

Via opted to use a sleek eyebrow brush for precision which the doctor approved of.

He explained in another subtitle that the beauty item dyes light vellus hair and the top layer of the skin to create a fuller look.

Just leave it on for a few minutes and then wipe it off with a cotton ball or swab.

Dr. Shah said in a comment not to leave it on for more than five minutes.

The hack lasts for a few days and is so easy to do.

The dermatologist offered an additional tip toward the end of the video.

Dr. Shah recommended using Vaseline on the surrounding area to control exactly where the dye goes.

It makes the result look much more sleek and defined with a “flawless finish.”

The trick wasn’t new, and many people were familiar with it.

“I do this! I’m glad it’s approved by you!” a woman said.

“Bruh I’ve been doing this for over a year,” another agreed.

“Imma try this. Half of my eyebrow is so light it looks bald lol,” a man admitted.

Use vaseline to define where the dye goes and get a flawless finish
TikTok/ dermdoctor / heyyyvia

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