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I’m a size 14 and swear by a £10 M&S buy to stop chub rub ALL summer – it’s amazing, you wouldn’t even know it’s there

AS wonderful as summer is, there’s always that niggling issue of inner-thigh chafing – better known as chub rub. 

Caused by the friction of our thighs rubbing together under skirts and dresses, it leads to redness, a stinging pain and in worst cases, a rash. 


Chub rub is a bugbear for millions of women every summer[/caption]


Shoppers think they’ve found the ultimate M&S product to keep it at bay this year[/caption]

It’s a particular problem in summer and when we jet to warmer climates on holiday, with the more humid conditions exacerbating the discomfort. 

Women have sought high-and-low for hacks and products to stop it from happening. 

There’s liquid talc, the practice of rubbing roll-on deodorant over the inner-thighs and ‘thigh bands’ designed to protect the skin’s surface from friction. 

But women who suffer with chub rub reckon they’ve found the ultimate product to stop it in Marks & Spencer. 

The British retailer’s Anti-Chafe Shorts, which come in a two pack and an array of skin tone hues, have been dubbed a winner. 

“I’m a size 14 and my chub rub is a nightmare in the summer,” one buyer reviewed. 

“These shorts are the best I’ve tried, you wouldn’t even know that you’re wearing them.

“They’re amazing.”

“I buy these to wear under dresses, especially when visiting very hot countries,” another said.

“They are very comfortable, airy, stop chafing and can easily be washed and dried overnight in a hotel bathroom while travelling.”

“They’re absolutely brilliant for chub rub and super comfy,” a third beamed.

“The material is light and doesn’t feel like an extra layer when it’s already boiling hot. 

“They come down to a perfect place on the thigh – not too low like some others I have that peek out the bottom of shorter dresses. 

“I can’t recommend them enough, I always reach for these in the summer above other more expensive types.”

A two pack of the shorts will set you back £20, meaning they work out at £10 a pair. 

They come in five different skin tone hues, as well as black and white. 

“Say goodbye to uncomfortable thigh rubbing thanks to these clever shorts,” M&S bosses said.

“With added stretch and a touch of cotton, the shorts have a flexible feel that lets you move freely and a wide waistband that stays put. 

“They’re designed to eliminate chafing and static while shaping your silhouette.”

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