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I’m a teacher and gave my daughter a unique name you don’t see in the classroom, it definitely turns heads

A MUM picked a name so unique for her daughter that she was the only baby registered with it in Scotland.

Zoe Jane McKibbin, 31, wanted to think of something special for her daughter and ended up being inspired by her own childhood.

Mum Zoe Jane McKibbin and daughter Arizona-Jane Sarah McCance at a BookBug session at The Mitchell Library in Glasgow.
The Scottish Sun

NRS Statistician Phillipa Haxton was impressed by the variety of names in 2023.[/caption]

Her little girl, named Arizona-Jane Sarah McCance, was the only Arizona born in Scotland in 2022.

The primary teacher, from Glasgow, said: “I meet all these children with different names and liked the idea of having something different I’d never heard of.

“I lived in Arizona when I was younger and my sister is big Grey’s Anatomy fan and I didn’t know one of the characters was also called Arizona.

“Now she has a personality that suits her unique name.

“But when she was first born it did turn a few heads, especially amongst the older generation.”

We told yesterday how Fanta, Aladdin, Ocean-Blu and Wolf were among the unusual names given to babies born in Scotland last year.

A full list revealed by the National Records of Scotland (NRS) showed that, while Isla and Luca took top spot as the most popular choices, some parents opted for more bizarre options.

Unique boy names included Achilles, Aladdin, Bentley, Dee-Jay, Excellent, Frost, Lavish, Mighty, Ocean-Blu, Thursday, Titan and Wolf.

While fun monikers given to girls were Armani-Rose, Delight, Diamond, Dior, Dream, Fanta, October, Pasty, Peach, Sailor and Testimony.

NRS statistician Phillipa Haxton said: “We’re seeing some of the names considered more traditional falling further down the table.

“But we do see names come in and out of fashion, so it may be that they’re more popular again in future years.

“It suggests parents are going the extra mile to choose a more unusual name.”

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