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I’m a Vinted whizz and sold six items in just one day thanks to my ‘redoing’ tip – your clothes will be gone in no time

A VINTED whizz has shared her top tip for selling your old clothes online – after revealing that she sold six items in just one day.

Vinted is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell second hand clothes, shoes and accessories.


Vinted is an online clothes selling marketplace[/caption]

It’s completely free to upload clothes to the app and, unlike other sites like eBay and Depop, Vinted does not take a cut of sellers’ profits and instead charges buyers a small fee to purchase each item.

Posting in the Vinted Rants, Help & Advice Facebook group, one person asked: “Any tips. I’ve had some stuff on for a few weeks now and I’ve got loads of views and favourites on the items but no offers.”

The post was flooded with helpful replies from Vinted users.

One person suggested: “I took all of my listings done as I had made hardly any sales, and then I redid them with different photos.

“It took a while but it resulted in six sales on Saturday….the most I’ve ever sold in one day”.

Another person suggested: “I leave it 24 hours after someone has favourited an item and send a message simply saying “I’m so happy you like it’.

“It usually reminds them they favourited it”.

A third person added: “I’ve just lowered my asking prices a bit and had 7 sales in 24 hrs”.

Online marketplaces like Vinted and Depop have millions of users across the UK, with the cost-of-living crisis only increasing their popularity.

Financial pressures in British homes saw sales of second-hand goods jump by 15 per cent to £21 billion in 2022.

One in six people now say they buy used items, according to research commissioned by review site Trustpilot.

So, now’s the perfect time to make yourself some extra cash on the likes of Vinted.

According to the popular platform, sellers do not have to pay tax on earnings they make from the site.

This, HMRC stated, is because selling personal items through platforms like Vinted is not itself taxable.

”If the money a member makes on Vinted over a year is less than the amount they paid for the items they are selling, then there is no tax to pay,” a Vinted spokesperson explained.

”Generally, only business sellers “trading” for profit might need to pay tax.

New Vinted rules to be aware of

IF you fancy clearing out your wardrobe and getting rid of your old stuff on Vinted, you’ll need to consider the new rules that recently came into play.

If people are selling personal items for less than they paid new (which is generally the case for second-hand sales), there is no impact on tax.

However, since January 1, digital platforms, including eBayAirbnbEtsyAmazon and Vinted, must share seller information with HMRC as part of a crackdown.

You’re unlikely to be affected if you only sell a handful of second-hand items online each year – generally, only business sellers trading for profit might need to pay tax.

A tax-free allowance of £1,000 has been in place since 2017 for business sellers trading for profit – the only time that an individual personal item might be taxable is if it sells for more than £6,000 and there is a profit from the sale.

However, firms now have to pass on your data to HMRC if you sell 30 or more items a year or earn over £1,700.

It is part of a wider tax crackdown to help ensure that those who boost their income via side hustles pay up what they owe.

While your data won’t be shared with HMRC if you earn between £1,000 and £1,700, you’ll still need to pay tax as normal.

”A tax-free allowance of £1,000 has been in place since 2017 for people who trade for profit.”

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