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‘It does an amazing job’, cries B&M shopper over £1.99 painting hack – but beware of common mistake

A TIKTOKER has revealed an incredible dirt cheap painting hack – but there’s one catch.

House Reno took to the platform to share a video of the trick and it had the internet in a spin.

A TikToker revealed a a dirt cheap cleaning hack
The hack uses a fake tan mitt for painting

Text written across the video reads: Don’t waste your time with a paint brush grab a clean tanning mitt.”

A person then be seen applying black paint to the stair banister with a floral fake tan mitt.

The post caption reads: “Paint hack! Seen this does on many pages but can confirm it does an amazing job!!

“Such a shiny finish that you can’t achieve with a paint brush. TIP make sure you wear a glove under the tanning mitt.”

The clip has racked up nearly 50,000 likes and more than 200 viewers flocked to the comments section to ask questions about the hack.

“Are you just putting a dollop of paint and wiping?” asked one.

Another added: “Wonder what other stuff I can do this on? Doors, cabinets, small wall areas?

A third emphasised: “We really need to shout about the wearing a plastic glove underneath part.”

Another who had tried the clever method shared her thoughts: “I did this a couple of years ago, but it does chip easily.

“I have touched it up a few times, but it’s so worth it! The money saved,” she said.

Tanning mitts can be bought for just 1.99 from B&M when a medium sized paintbrush cists £2.25.

It comes as a mum-of-12 has revealed the 99p she can’t live without when it comes to wiping down the family toilets.

Zoe Sullivan, 44, husband Ben and their 12 kids make up one of Scotland‘s biggest families.

The couple are parents to Elisabeth, 18, Olivia, 17, Noah, 14, Evangeline, 12, Tobias, 11, Agnes, six, Joseph, five, baby Flo, one, and two sets of twins – Charlotte and Isabelle, 16, and Leah and Erin, eight.

The bumper brood live in a six-bedroom house in Burghead, Moray, where they regularly document their hectic lives on their YouTube channel.

In a recent post, Zoe opened up about some of her favourite cleaning products that she swears by from Home Bargains and B&M.

She said: “Believe me I’ve used a lot over the years and I was always a bit of a sucker for new cleaning products that came out.

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