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Italian national arrested for drunk driving in Phuket, Thailand

Italian national arrested for drunk driving in Phuket, ThailandLegacy

A drink driving incident yesterday led to the arrest of an Italian national in Phuket, Thailand. The man’s blood alcohol content (BAC) was found to be 95mg/dL, which is significantly above the legal limit.

This 50 year old Italian man was apprehended by Patong Police around 4am in the vicinity of Loma Circle at the northern end of Patong Beach. The breathalyzer showed his BAC to be nearly double the acceptable limit of 50mg/dL (0.05%), resulting in his immediate arrest and charge for driving while intoxicated.

The consequences for such an offence can be severe, with the prospect of a fine ranging from 5,000 baht to 20,000 baht and/or imprisonment for up to one year, assuming it’s his first offence. However, for repeat offenders, the penalties increase, with fines potentially reaching up to 100,000 baht and/or a jail term of up to two years if the same offence is committed within a two-year frame.

The arrest comes in the backdrop of concerning road safety statistics in Phuket Province. According to the Thai Road Safety Foundation (ThaRSC), there were 52 road fatalities and more than 7,155 hospital admissions as a result of road accidents in the first quarter of 2024 alone. These figures represent a year-on-year increase of 57.6% and 20.5% respectively. One should note, that these numbers do not account for minor injuries.

Amidst these statistics, Phuket’s high rate of nighttime road accidents resulting in fatalities stands out. Out of the 52 deaths reported in 2024, 30 occurred between the hours of 10.01pm and 6.59am, accounting for 57.7% of the total. This percentage is alarmingly higher than the national average where the same time slot accounts for only 29.7% of total road deaths, reported Phuket News.

The arrest of the Italian national underlines the ongoing issue of drink driving and the subsequent road safety concerns in Phuket. It serves as a stark reminder of the need for stricter adherence to traffic laws and heightened awareness of road safety.

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