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Katie Price breaks down in tears over luxury ski trip with new boyfriend JJ Slater after rant about ex Peter Andre

KATIE Price broke down in tears while on a romantic skiing holiday with her new boyfriend JJ Slater.

Katie’s confession is a surprise U-turn from telling fans at the time: “Absolutely loved skiing spending time with close ones.”

Katie Price said she had all the gear but no idea

She gushed about her holiday with JJ Slater at the time[/caption]

Instead she spent time crying because when she fell she could not get up again because of her huge boobs and bum implants.

The mum-of-five went with new boyfriend, Married at First Sight star JJ Slater, to stay in a rustic lodge in the Bulgarian ski resort of Bansko, where she hit the slopes.

After being asked when she last cried, Katie, 45, admitted: “Skiing – because I f***ing can’t ski, and I tell you what, argh, I looked like a could ski – I had all the gear and no idea.

“Trying to get up with my bum filler and tits, as well as my body, when I’d fall over, trying to get my feet out of the skis and then lifting myself back up, I was literally like ‘I f***ing hate this, I hate skiing’.

“And then when it’s a normal slope, ‘Oh, I like this now’. And then I see a hill and then I start swearing ‘I f***ing hate this, why are we doing this?’.

“Then, because I was getting exhausted, cry, like disappointed in myself.

“I’m like ‘I’m such a fat f**k, I can’t even get up on these skis – my tits, I’m pulling, then it’s my arse.”

Price’s 16th boob job was said to be for 2120CC implants, but last year she said she had plans for a 17th op.

She added on the Anything Goes podcast: “And where I broke my feet, they’re full of screws – no stability in them.  So annoying, I’m not as flexible as I used to be.”

Reality star Katie, 45, and JJ, 31, first made contact after she saw him on reality show MAFS and messaged him about his diabetes and he wrote back.

She said: “JJ has actually brought sunshine into my life. I did not want a boyfriend, I was exhausted with relationships – did not want one at all.

“He’s done a lot as well in his life because he’s from LA, and he’s quiet.  And what I like about him, he doesn’t judge me, he knows all about my past.

“He’s probably been to more parties than me. He’s done his TV show, it’s not like he needed me for that – a lot of people want to use me for stuff.

“But he’s just so kind, not judgmental, loving, seems so loyal – I can’t see any red flags.  And I wasn’t looking, and it didn’t start off like ‘Oh, shall we go out with each other?’

“It wasn’t like that. It’s all been done properly, slowly.”

The mum-of-five, divorced three times,  said “he’s definitely not the same” as all her exes.

It’s after she slammed her ex husband Peter Andre for “using” her.

“He was no one before he went in the jungle and that’s the truth, that’s not me being a b****,” she said.

“He done that one hit, like 10 years ago and I think he forgets where he came from.”

Katie added: “I’ve got boundaries, he’s the same. And the good thing is, I don’t try and push his buttons to test, whereas in the past I’d push buttons to test what reaction. I don’t feel like I need to do that with him, I don’t want to do that because that’s not how you start a relationship.

“And I actually do things with him – we go out and actually do things. Like he took me to this country thing at the weekend – I’ve never listened to country music in my life, but he loves it.

“He went ‘You don’t have to?’ I went ‘No, if you like it, I’ll go, if that’s what you like I’ll go along’ and actually I really enjoyed it.

“Being in a relationship sometimes you have to compromise and do what the other wants to do. We go to theatre, date nights, how it should be.

“If I went on a dating agency and first thing was ‘I’m 45, five kids’, would you say yes? No, they wouldn’t. It would take a long time, that’s why it’s hard for me to meet anyone because you don’t know what they want.”

She said the only dating site she’s tried to get on was Raya two years ago, but they haven’t accepted her.

“I don’t need to now,” she said.

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