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Love Island’s Tyrique hits back in bitter swipe after Ella Thomas ‘announces their break up to the world’

LOVE Island star Tyrique Hyde has hit back at a cruel follower who tried to grill him over his break-up with Ella Thomas.

Ella and Tyrique were first reported to have split in late February after seven months together, following ‘crisis talks’ to mend the romance that went nowhere.


Tyrique and Ella have both publicly spoken about their break-up[/caption]

Meeting on Love Island, the couple parted ways seven months later
Tyrique posted an unimpressed statement after Ella confirmed the break-up

They had previously split in November last year, but got back together.

At the time, there was an unnamed source confirming the split, with the pair unfollowing each other on social media shortly thereafter.

Today, after over a month of silence, the couple have both spoken out about the end of their relationship – with both taking a stand about the need to make it so public.

Ella was first to respond in a Snapchat Q+A, telling fans: “Just to clear things up we’re not together.

“Didn’t speak on it while we were figuring things out and dealing with it privately.

“Both agree it’s for the best and wish him well. All love. Thanks to everyone that supported us together and individually.”

A few hours later, Tyrique also fielded questions from his Snapchat followers, and hit back at one fan who tried to goad him into talking about the split.

The person wrote: “Ella announced your breakup and you have nothing to f***kin say no!”

“Tf you want me to say?” Tyrique responded. “This is my life g. Did you announce your breakup to the world?

“Just cos people on Love Island usually put out statements don’t mean I have to. That’s not my portion.

“Thank you to all my followers who show love. LATAA.”

Shortly after news of their split broke, the semi-professional footballer broke his silence with a photo of a carton of milk with the phrase: “don’t cry over spilt milk”.

“Never let a hard time humble us,” he cryptically wrote in the caption.

A source close to the couple told The Sun of their split: “They have tried really hard but just been having constant arguments.

“At the end of day they want different things and it’s too hard to make it work. They are saying it’s over for good this time and there is no going back.”

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The couple were fan favourites but they still split more than once[/caption]

Ella was first to speak out about what happened

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