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My 3 eco-friendly methods for using leftover Easter chocolate in your garden – just be careful to monitor your mulch

THINK twice before tossing your leftover Easter chocolates because there are a few ways to repurpose them sustainably.

A food storage expert revealed three uses for the tasty treat that can help your garden and boost growth.


Expert Sarah Lawson shared uses for leftover Easter chocolate in your garden[/caption]

Storage Box Shop expert Sarah Lawson revealed useful practices for your extra Easter chocolate.

In her tips, she explained several nutritional benefits for your plants when used not excessively.


“Instead of applying chocolate directly in the garden, add small amounts of leftover chocolate to your compost bin,” she advised.

The sugar can help feed the microorganisms in the compost, which can speed up the decomposition process.

However, she added that it should only be done in moderation to maintain a balanced compost mix.


Lawson also recommended chocolate as a great form of mulch for your garden.

Mulch is any material used to cover the soil’s surface and offers an additional protective layer.

While the idea of using chocolate as much sounds intriguing, it’s important to remember that it can attract pets or wildlife.

If you’re in an area that doesn’t have many animals, Lawson recommended making a thin layer of chocolate mulch mixed with other natural ingredients.


Lawson also shared a simple recipe for a vitamin-rich fertilizer.

“Dilute a very small amount of chocolate in a large volume of water to create a weak chocolate ‘tea,’” she said.

It provides sugars that can boost microbial activity in the soil as a plant feed.

She explained that it could occasionally be used but should be monitored closely to make sure it’s not harming the plants.

“While chocolate can be used in specific, controlled ways, always prioritize the health and safety of the surrounding ecosystem,” she added.

In the end, when trying any of these Lawson warned that you “must monitor any new additions to your garden to see how they affect the local ecosystem.”


Lawson recommended making chocolate mulch mixed with natural ingredients[/caption]

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