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My 3-step process grew my lashes so quickly – you don’t need expensive products but my first rule has people divided

A BEAUTY fan has revealed the three-step routine that got her lashes lush and full without extensions.

A controversial beauty tip had viewers divided but she said she swore by it for growth.

A TikToker revealed the three tips that helped her grow her lashes
TikTok/ little.latinaaa

The TikToker (@little.latinaaa) shared the eyelash growth advice in a video.

She explained that since ditching her mascara, she’d been able to make headway with increasing her lash length.

“Quit wearing mascara, this will help your lashes grow quicker and thicker,” she said.

Her first tip received criticism from mascara fans, who were skeptical of her advice.

“Nah honey, you lost me at quit wearing mascara,” said one commenter.

“I look like a man without mascara,” said another.

Others saw validity in her advice and was open to trying it out.

“I don’t wear mascara, maybe that’s why my eyelashes [are] long,” wrote one viewer.

“Y’all, mascara looks very clumpy anyways,” said another.

Many shared their experiences with their lashes after they quit mascara.

“I quit mascara for falsies for a bit and they grew so much!” said one commenter.

“I stopped wearing mascara for a good month and my lashes looked fuller,” said another.

“You’re not wrong about stopping wearing mascara though but it’s a SLOW GROWTH,” warned a third.

Instead of using lash curlers, she also opted to use her fingers to prevent damaging her lashes.

With a clean index finger, she pushed her lashes up, repeating the step “regularly” for best results.

On her bare lashes, she applied castor oil with a clean wand, gently brushing the oil on.

Experts, such as Ilyse Haberman, a board-certified ophthalmologist, broke down the benefits of using castor oil on the lashes.

While there’s no scientific evidence that the oil can grow your lashes, it does moisturize the hairs and help them appear thicker and shinier.

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She explained she ditched mascara to grow out her lashes[/caption]

“It’s also possible that it can help prevent lash breakage which, in turn, can lead to healthier growth,” Haberman explained.

For those looking for an FDA-approved eyelash growth serum, Haberman recommended using Latisse, a prescription lash treatment.

Latisse slows down the lash fallout cycle, allowing hairs to grow out longer before being shed.


A layer of castor oil helped moisturize her lashes[/caption]

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