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My daughter has disowned her brother because she thinks we favour him

DEAR DEIDRE: THE family is in a mess. Our daughter has disowned her brother and now she’s shunning her dad and me too.

She thinks we favour our son, although this is not the case at all. We love our children equally but they are very different.

Our son is 22 and getting back on his feet after coming out of prison.

He fell in with the wrong crowd and got caught up in drug dealing.

It wasn’t in his personality at all. He doesn’t even have a drug habit and is a quiet guy who was always easily led.

Our daughter is 24 and got married the month her brother came out of prison.

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While she invited him on the day, she has since cut him out of her life.

Our daughter didn’t do well in school, but he was more academic, so the sibling rivalry seed was sown early on.

She felt we always championed his accomplishments which underlined she had nothing to show.

But I always made sure we praised her for different things.

She had a baby last year and I’ve been looking after him two days a week at her house.

We bought a car for our son to help him with finding work but it’s all kicked off with his sister.

She went mad, saying we’d never given her anything like that.

Now she’s told me not to babysit any longer. I’m 56 and heartbroken.



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DEIDRE SAYS: These feelings for your daughter go beyond buying your son a car.

Write to her and explain how much you love her and how much her family means to you. Tell her how proud you are of her for all of her achievements.

You can find more emotional support through grandparentsapart.co.uk, a charity dedicated to help grandparents keep in touch with their grandchildren.

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