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My male manager moaned I don’t wear enough makeup to work… I sobbed through lunch, I’m just less glam since having kids

IT can be tough to get ready for work in the morning at the best of times, but when you’ve got kids getting glammed up might not be top of your list.

That’s what one woman thought when she returned to work after having children, but her manager thought otherwise.


The mum confessed she used to look mega glam for work but hasn’t bothered since having kids[/caption]


The woman was baffled when her boss told her to look more glam at work[/caption]

Despite being good at her job and even receiving a promotion, her achievement was overlooked because her boss thought she did look up to scratch.

“I have had a meeting today about a complaint from one of our senior managers,” she explained on Mumsnet.

She said that before returning from maternity leave she loved the dress up for work and would often look very glamorous, wearing maekup and high heels.

But as a mum she said she prefers a comfy flat shoe instead, and has been opting for ” minimal or no makeup.”

“If I am at home doing video conferences I will rarely wear make up, when travelling I will wear a bit,” she explained.

She didn’t think this change was a problem until she got called into a meeting with senior managment.

This came after she wore no makeup for most of a five day training confrence.

“I have just had a meeting with a senior manager who has told me it was very unprofessional of me to not wear make up and that my face is part of selling the company and it needed to look professional.

“I feel absolutely awful and cried all through my lunch,” she said.

Despite her look changing a lot since giving birth, the woman was stunned by the manager’s bold stance on the matter.

“I haven’t seen him since I was four months pregnant so I know my look has changed a lot,” she added.

After explaining the incident other parents were stunned by the manager’s actions.

One said: “Exactly what do they think is ‘unprofessional’ about not wearing make-up?

“I’m assuming your male colleagues are not expected to wear blusher and lipstick at these events?”

A second agreed: “Do the men at your company all wear make up? Was the senior manager speaking to you wearing make up?

“Flip it on him. He deserved to have you laugh in his face.”

Meanwhile, someone else joked: “I would be tempted to turn up in full drag queen getup when you next see him.”

“I’d check with HR because it sounds to me that he just doesn’t like that you don’t look like the office eye candy anymore,” someone else wrote.

“If you looked neat, clean, and tidy, then you looked professional, unless it’s company policy to wear make up, in which case I hope he was wearing his.”

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