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Oakland, Antioch, Hercules city leaders speak out after sideshows take over streets

(KRON) — Dangerous sideshows spun out of control in three Bay Area cities over the weekend. City leaders are speaking out and spreading the word, issuing a warning to those breaking the law.

City officials are not holding back, saying they will take action including issuing fines and possible jail sentences for those involved in these reckless driving situations.

“Don’t do it. Don’t come here and do that behavior,” said Antioch mayor Lamar Thorpe about a recent sideshow that took over a city street.

Hundreds gathered blocking the intersection of Lone Tree Way and Golf Course Road in Antioch.
At one point – spectators blew off rounds of fireworks.

“We will not allow this. Our department is going to fine and impound cars involved in these situations,” Thorpe said.

The side show in Antioch is just one of many this past weekend.

The others happened at 51st Street and Telegraph Avenue in the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland, and on Burma Road. The Oakland Police Department responded to a hit and run following a side show.

Also, near Hercules just off Franklin Canyon Road near the golf course, drivers spun donuts and set off fireworks.

“We have a system called flock. It is basically license plate readers,” said Alex Walker Griffin, a Hercules City Council member. He said the city has taken proactive steps to blunt sideshows from taking over.

“These are bad situations and puts residents in harm’s way,” Walked said. “We don’t want that, and we don’t want people to be at risk.”

Oakland recently passed a new ordinance to toughen legal steps it can take against those involved in sideshows. There is also a plan to put in more barriers in intersections where sideshows routinely take place.

KRON4 reached out to OPD to find out if there were any arrests this past weekend but did not get a response.

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