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Pattaya streets shaken by underwear-sniffing thief debauchery

Pattaya streets shaken by underwear-sniffing thief debaucheryLegacy

The tranquil streets of Soi Sawang Fa 2 in Pattaya, have been rocked over the past couple of weeks after a knicker-sniffing pervert was spotted stealing underwear to fulfill his debauched desires.

Local authorities are now on the hunt for an unidentified man, believed to be in his thirties and of an average physique, who has been adding a touch of unease to the neighbourhood’s otherwise peaceful atmosphere. His unusual criminal activity of stealing and sniffing women’s underwear from clotheslines.

The man’s method of operation has been consistent. He has been spotted riding a bicycle up and down the street, presumably scouting for his peculiar loot. On Tuesday, March 26, he was reportedly seen pausing his ride to sniff and pilfer women’s underwear hung out to dry.

His deviant behaviour has understandably left the area’s residents feeling uneasy and violated. One resident, requesting anonymity, shared her distress with the local press. She revealed that she has fallen victim to this underwear thief on multiple occasions.

“I’m scared to hang my clothes outside to dry now. I don’t know what this man is going to do with my underwear.”

Another resident shared her encounter with the man. She recalled spotting him cycling around the neighbourhood, carrying a bag laden with women’s underwear. However, before she could confront him, he quickly pedalled away, disappearing amidst the quiet houses, reported Pattaya News.

In response to these unnerving events, the Pattaya police have launched an investigation. They have been examining the reports in detail and have consequently increased patrols in the area. The authorities are committed to catching this unusual thief and restoring peace to the neighbourhood.

As the situation unfolds, the residents of Soi Sawang Fa 2 wait with bated breath, hoping for a swift resolution to the underwear thief’s reign of terror.

Pattaya streets shaken by underwear-sniffing thief debauchery | News by Thaiger
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Stealing women’s knickers is not a new phenomenon in Thailand. Only three weeks ago an underwear thief who managed to steal over 20 items of women’s underwear in one swoop is still being pursued by the Patong Police in Phuket.

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