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Toba Tek Singh Viral Video Footage

The Toba Tek Singh Viral Video shocked Pakistan and the world. The video showed the murder of a young woman, Maria, by her brother, Faisal. Her father, Abdul Sattar, encouraged the murder, and another brother, Shehbaz, filmed it. Faisal and Abdul Sattar have been arrested on murder charges. Shehbaz and his wife, Sumaira, are also under investigation. Relatives and neighbors allege that the father and sons attempted to hide the crime by burying Maria and declaring her death as natural. Shehbaz, the brother who filmed the incident, accused his father and brother of killing Maria after she complained of rape. DNA tests are being conducted on the father and sons, and forensic analysis is underway after exhumation and post-mortem examination of the victim. This case has highlighted the issue of violence against women in Pakistan and the need for justice for victims.

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