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Urgent holiday warning for Brits heading to Spanish hotspot as common mistake can land you £1200 fine

BRIT tourists have been warned of making one simple mistake in Spain that could slap them with fines up to £1200.

Travellers heading off to holiday hotspot Tenerife could be hit with a nasty surprise over a common mistake.


Brits visiting Tenerife could be fined £1200 for making a common mistake[/caption]

Feeding animals in public spaces is a serious offence in Tenerife – and authorities can fine people as high as £1200 over such violations.

Brits visiting the popular holiday destination should not feed any animal in public spaces, as it is against their laws and could land you in trouble.

Recently, two people were hit with £855 fine for feeding pigeons in public.

The fine was issued by the Environmental Sustainability and Public Services Department of the Santa Cruz Council for violating the regulation about animals.

José Manuel Bermúdez, Mayor of Santa Cruz told the Canarian Weekly: “Providing food, of any kind, to any animal found in public places is a serious offence and a lack of respect for other citizens.

“Therefore, these residents must be penalised to prevent it from happening again, as these acts pose serious public health problems and deteriorate our heritage.”

Speaking about the pigeon incident, the councillor for the Environment, Carlos Tarife, added: “We will continue to penalise anyone who feeds pigeons in Santa Cruz.

“[The] practice not only leads to uncontrolled growth in the number of these specimens but can also transmit diseases such as histoplasmosis, salmonellosis, and cryptococcosis.

“The council is making a great effort to control the high number of pigeons in the city, and we cannot allow others to feed them, leaving food residues in public areas and attracting rat or cockroach infestations.”

Authorities in Tenerife are desperately trying to cut down the number of pigeons in public spaces in a bid to promote cleanliness and reduce serious public health problems.

Some 1,000 pigeons are captured every month by the Santa Cruz council to stop them from nesting.

As the city remains one of the top destinations for Brits to visit, avoiding the common mistake of feeding these birds could help you avoid such hefty penalties.

Meanwhile, tourists have been warned of making one simple mistake in Spain that could land them in trouble with a £170 fine.

Holidaymakers could be hit with a nasty surprise if they fail to comply with a specific rule surrounding the use of headphones.

That is because it is illegal to drive while wearing headphones in Spain.

Spanish driving law states that mobile phones should not be used whilst driving unless it is a hands free device.

Like in the United Kingdom, though, listening to the radio or connecting to your car via bluetooth or an aux cord is allowed.

But RAC Shop add that “you cannot use headphones or earpieces or you will face a €200 fine.”

Driving in flip-flops and naming your child Cain, Judas or Lenin is also forbidden.

It was previously reported how Spanish law states that you are not allowed to get behind the wheel if you are topless.

Wearing “inappropriate” clothes could see holidaymakers slapped with a £170 bill, with Brits warned not to strip off in the heat,

It is also illegal to walk around in public in your swimwear, with Spanish officials ready to hand out a £250 fine if they catch anybody doing it.

Frank, who runs stag and hen dos in Benidorm, included it as one of the must know rules for Brits visiting the Spain on his Tik Tok page.

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