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Urgent warning over popular household product that could ruin your car – & how to save £100s on washes

A CAR cleaning expert has warned motorists not to use this popular household product if they don’t want to risk damaging their vehicle.

UK drivers have been urged to rethink their cleaning habits after a survey found more than half were unsure how to wash their cars at home.


42 per cent of UK drivers get their car cleaned professionally[/caption]

Ben Custard, Motorpoint’s car cleaning expert, revealed those who use washing-up liquid to clean their motors risk damaging the exterior of the car.

He explained: “While you might think the washing-up liquid would be a reasonable replacement for specialist car shampoo, it can strip off waxes and polishes designed to protect your car.

“If used over a long period of time, it can affect the finish of the paint and, in some extreme cases, lead to cracks that will require the panel being refinished.”

It can cost drivers upwards of £300 to have their panels repainted.

Using washing-up liquid in the interior can also lead to disastrous consequences, according to the expert.

It’s much cheaper to do it yourself, and you’ll have a better idea of the products being

Ben Custard

It is difficult to remove excessive water inside the car, which can “leave you at risk of mould“.

The survey, which saw 2,000 UK car owners quizzed on their cleaning habits, showed 42 per cent get their car cleaned by a professional.

These cost around £15, with most drivers predicted to spend more than £210 on getting their car cleaned in 2024, Motorpoint claims.

Instead of wasting hundreds of pounds at the car wash or picking up a hefty bill in repairs, Ben recommends using a few affordable products that will have your vehicle sparkling.

He said: “It’s much cheaper to do it yourself, and you’ll have a better idea of the products being used and the steps taken to prevent damage to your vehicle.”  


Drivers need just a few essential products which are available at most supermarkets or auto shops.

Ben explained: “All you need to start washing your car at home is just a couple of buckets, noodle wash mitts, microfibre towels, glass cleaner, car shampoo and maybe wheel and tyre cleaner.

“Some car shampoos can also be used on your tyres, so it’s worth checking before you buy both.”

This will end up saving motorists hundreds in the long run as you will be able to reuse the products several times before having to buy new ones.

Noodle wash mitts and microfibre towels can be bought on Amazon for as little as £6 each.

Motorists can purchase Car shampoo for just £4 along with glass wipes for as little as £3.50 from Halfords.

Many drivers admit they struggle to avoid scratching their cars while cleaning.

The car cleaning expert recommends using the two-bucket method.

He said: “Before you start, be sure to rinse your car to remove any loose surface dirt.

“Then, once you’ve got your two buckets ready, start lightly scrubbing in overlapping straight lines from the top of your vehicle with a soapy sponge or mitt.

“Be sure to submerge your mitt in clean water regularly to remove as much dirt and debris as possible before moving on to the next section of your car.”


Social media is flooded with short viral clips showing the “best” ways to clean a car.

However, Ben has urged motorists to be wary of these online hacks as they haven’t come from an expert.

This means there is no guarantee they will work and could potentially cause “permanent damage to your vehicle”.

The cleaning expert said: “For example, if you do damage to your car’s interior or upholstery, it can be expensive to repair and, in some cases, might require costly replacement parts.

“Any damage to your vehicle will have a serious impact on its resale value, so it really isn’t worth taking any risks.”

It comes after a motoring expert revealed the exact time to spring clean your car to banish “winter grime”.

And drivers are only just discovering a cheap household item that can be used to help clean their car this winter.



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