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Workers get million-baht compensation for Rayong crane accident

Workers get million-baht compensation for Rayong crane accidentLegacy

Following a harrowing crane collapse tragedy in Rayong’s Pluak Daeng district where seven lives were lost, negotiations between workers and authorities have culminated in a million-baht compensation deal.

The predominantly Myanmar workforce reluctantly reopened the site this morning only after the construction firm, under pressure, agreed to a compensation package amounting to 1.6 million baht for each fatality.

The turmoil ensued shortly after the crane’s catastrophic collapse yesterday at approximately 5pm, prompting 600 surviving workers to barricade the site gate. They demanded a meeting with the construction firm’s management regarding compensation, before granting access to authorities for rescue efforts.

Led by police officials and mediated by representatives from the Worker Assistance Group for Myanmar (WAG), negotiations unfolded amidst the grim backdrop of the deceased and injured workers still trapped within the site.

In a breakthrough announcement, a WAG spokesperson disclosed that an agreement had been reached with the employers, securing 1.6 million baht in compensation per victim, sourced from both employer funds and the Social Security Office. The deal also encompasses immediate disbursement of 500,000 baht, with the remainder to follow in instalments over three months, along with full coverage of funeral expenses.

A 34 year old worker from Myanmar recounted the site’s history of accidents, deeming this calamity the gravest, vividly recalling the crane’s descent onto the scaffold, where his comrades toiled, reported Thai PBS World.

The death toll has risen to seven, comprising six Myanmar nationals and one Chinese worker. Authorities have transferred the bodies to Rayong police station for identification, as investigations into the accident’s cause continue.

In related news, a 28 year old Cambodian worker was crushed beneath a cascade of cement bags at approximately 10am on March 12 at a condominium construction site in Nonthaburi. Upon arrival at the site in Sai Noi district, responders were met with a harrowing sight: the victim lay motionless on the ground floor, her life cut short by injuries to her neck and chest. A preliminary investigation revealed the grim circumstances surrounding her death.

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